Our Services

The South African-Dutch Trust Company is a boutique style firm, which prides itself in offering tailor-made solutions for both South African and European companies, which are looking to expand into the international sphere of business. The following are among the solutions we provide:

Tax and legal advice

It is a daunting task when companies expand into new countries and regions: there are foreign laws on tax and business regulations which need to be adhered to.

The South African-Dutch Trust Company is qualified to offer relief on these laws and regulations, from helping with (international) company structures and tax treaties to (international) compliance. This enables a smooth transition into their new environment.

Corporate services

We are able to offer corporate services to multinational companies: from the incorporation to remaining in good legal standing through the filing of annual accounts and tax returns.

Estate management

Often clients are challenged in understanding the various tax treaties that exist between Europe and South Africa. The South African-Dutch Trust Company has members on its team that are qualified to practice tax in both South Africa and Europe, giving us the desired skills to handle an estate effectively and efficiently.

Investment and economic navigation

The South African-Dutch Trust Company comes with a vast network of resources, and we are able to give sound advice on the various economic activities in both South Africa and Europe. These include:

  • Investment consultations
  • Funding
  • Company collaboration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Wealth management (among this opening bank accounts)

We boast an array of clients from SME’s to listed companies. We realize that all clients are unique in terms of size, industry, budget and objective; therefore we pride ourselves on custom made solutions for our clients. It is by this notion that the South African-Dutch Trust Company, focused on a hands-on approach, is not just helping a company to settle in a new economy, but also assisting until the company is fully functioning and sustainable.

Companies looking to invest and expand in South Africa

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into South Africa grew by 446% to US $7,1 billion in 2018 (source: United Nation/UNCTAD Investment Trends Monitor January 2019). South Africa has often been referred to as the gateway to Africa. This is because of the good transport routes and deep water ports located around the coasts of South Africa, as well as well written compliance and business laws, creating a safe environment for business to occur.

Services offered in South Africa

  • Tax and legal advice
  • Corporate services
  • Estate management
  • Investment and economic navigation
  • Opening bank accounts in Europe