International tax, corporate and legal services, M&A with a personal touch.

The South African-Dutch Trust Company offers international tax, corporate and legal services, and assists in M&A processes, all with a personal touch. We are based in South Africa and The Netherlands, with a satellite office in the United Kingdom, allowing us to be based locally, yet providing internationally relevant advice. This makes us the perfect solution for tax, corporate and legal affairs for both European companies looking to expand into South Africa or South African businesses looking to invest in Europe.

Who we are

Despite our international reach, we are a boutique firm structured around personal relationships with each individual client, rather than offering batch solutions. Working on this more intimate level we can also offer secondary advice on investment and banking considerations case by case. Operating on a small scale is part of our DNA and success, allowing for much more effective tailor-made solutions for our clients.

What we do

The South African-Dutch Trust Company offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions for both South African and European companies, which are looking to expand into the international sphere of business. The following are among the solutions we provide: Tax and legal advice, corporate services, estate management as well as investment and economic navigation.