International tax, corporate and legal services, with a personal touch.

The South African Dutch Company offers international tax, corporate and legal services, with a personal touch. We are based in South Africa and The Netherlands, with a satellite office in  The United Kingdom, allowing us to be based locally, yet providing internationally relevant advice. Making us the perfect solution
for tax, corporate and legal affaires for both European companies looking to expand into South Africa or South African businesses looking to invest in Europe.

What we do?

Among our most popular services are the design and realisation of international corporate structures, ensuring that the companies involved are staying in strong legal good-standing and comply with the bilateral and domestic laws and with regulations set forth by the European Union and the OECD.

How we do it

Despite our international reach we are a boutique, structured around personal relationships with each individual client, rather than offering batch solutions. Working on this intimate level we can also offer secondary advice on investment and banking considerations case by case.

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